What does the Bible say about reality and how we understand the world?

How is God working around the world?

How can I be a light for Jesus to those around me?

How can I grow a Biblical worldview and help my kids have a Biblical worldview too?

What are other followers of Jesus doing to impact the world?


If you’ve ever asked questions like these, then you’re in the right place!

Radical Worldview is for those who want to grow in their faith. It’s for those who want to be a light for Jesus to their family, friends, and world. It’s for those who like actionable ideas. It’s for those who love “God stories”. It’s for those who are trying to be better husbands, wives, parents, and friends. It’s for those looking for a nudge to get into the game.

My prayer is that the helpful, practical articles, stories from around the world, and interviews with other followers of Jesus will help you deepen your faith, discover your unique gifts, equip you with new ideas, and give you encouragement to play a bigger part in God’s work.


About Radical Worldview

The Radical Worldview website is the home of articles with actionable ideas, new knowledge, resource suggestions, and a smattering of topics of interest to me. There is a special focus on global missions, apologetics, biblical worldview, and parenting and how these topics intertwine. My aim is to serve up helpful and encouraging content no matter where you are on your journey.


About David

I’m David, host of Radical Worldview. I’m married to an amazing woman named Katie and we have four awesome young kids. Life is busy, crazy, fun, and stressful as any parent with littles will get! During the day, I am a marketing manager for a small software company but my real passion is helping encourage and mobilize other followers of Jesus to live their faith with purpose and an eternal perspective.

I love reading, hiking, traveling with my family, meeting new people, singing, playing board games and many other things. (See fun random facts at the bottom.)

I’m so glad that you are here and I hope this website and its resources will help you as you live to be all that the Lord created you to be. I am not an expert, just a fellow believer trying to run the race with endurance and faithfulness. This website is part of my own exploration and development of my own gifts and passions and as I write content and interview others I hope to grow also.

After 6 years serving as missionaries and Christian professionals internationally, my family and I returned to the United States. This was a big transition. From Africa to the United States. From ministry to business. From a big city to a small city. Lots of change.

As I processed our time in ministry and tried to transition back to “normal life” a few things kept popping into my heart and into my conversation with others:

  • God is doing amazing things all over the world and he’s working through ordinary, faithful people. However, many Christians never hear these stories.
  • Many believers living a “normal life” are looking for ways to weave eternal priorities and actions into their relationships and their work.
  • Many believers struggle to understand and live for Christ in our changing culture.

I hope Radical Worldview will bring discovery in these three areas and encouragement to engage the world with the truth and love of Jesus.


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Fun Random Facts

Favorite reads: I will read pretty much anything but prefer history, apologetics, missions and theology. For fiction I like Louis L’Amour, J.R.R. Tolkien, Jack Vance, Alexander McCall Smith, Adrian Plass and others.

Favorite board game: Settlers of Catan

Favorite vacation: Katie and I zig-zag road tripped over 8,000 miles from Los Angeles to Quebec. Incredible!

Favorite movie: I don’t really have one although maybe the Lord of the Rings trilogy if I had to pick.

First job: Professional musician. When I was younger, I played the bagpipe and would play for weddings, funerals and other events.

I love to travel and explore. I’ve lived in 5 countries and six states. I’ve travelled to over 20 countries and 47 states (still need North Dakota, Alaska and Hawaii!)

I enjoy hiking and camping. Once while camping on Ben Nevis in Scotland, my tent blew away.

Katie and I met at the orientation for our mission organization where we were both originally going to the mission field as singles!

Two of my kids are identical twins.

I like pretty much any type of food although Indian is probably my favorite.

I have a bachelors degree in history and a masters degree in international business law.