4 Awesome Apologetics Apps

It can be easy to spend a lot of time on our phones and I’m not going to wade into that debate here. While there are a lot of apps that are time wasters, there are also some good apps that can build your faith. I wanted to mention a few great apps you may not know about, they are all about apologetics.

In its basic sense, apologetics simply means making a defense. Christian apologetics is defending or making a case for the truth of our beliefs. We can also think of Christian apologetics as a ministry, that of caring for people by answering their honest questions about and objections to Christianity.

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I know some of you just read that and are ready to close the browser window, but hang on a minute. There is an incredible amount of evidence for God’s existence, the truth of Jesus’ resurrection, the accuracy of the New Testament accounts and many other aspects of our faith. Rather than having a “blind faith”, we can have our faith strengthened by this evidence and, as Peter says in 1 Peter 3:15 you can be “prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for the reason for the hope that is in you.”

The following apps are ones that I use, often listening to the podcasts on my commute. They all have great content and will be enjoyable to tap into and as you find a few minutes here or there in your day you can be strengthening your faith by learning about the evidence for Christianity. I know there are other good apologetics apps out there so please share what you have found helpful on the Facebook page. These are just the ones I use, in alphabetical order. Incidentally, I have included the websites for these great ministries as well which have even more awesome apologetic resources.


Cold-Case Christianity App

Cold-Case Christianity
Website | Android | iPhone

The Cold-Case Christianity app comes to you from respected cold-case homicide detective J. Warner Wallace. The app hosts the broad range of Detective Wallace’s apologetic resources including podcasts, videos, articles, Bible inserts and other materials. This is an excellent app for accessing resources to help you have an “evidential faith”.


Cross Examined App

Cross Examined
Website| Android | iPhone

Cross Examined is the ministry of Dr. Frank Turek. The app has some great material including Dr. Turek’s lively podcast which you can listen to or download in the app. There are also videos, articles, a “Quick Answers” section and a listing of upcoming live Cross Examined events around the country.


Reasonable Faith App

Reasonable Faith
Website | Android | iPhone

Philosopher and Biola University professor Dr. William Lane Craig brings you the Reasonable Faith app. This app is a wealth of resources including Dr. Craig’s two podcasts, Reasonable Faith and Defenders, articles, videos of past debates, animated videos, and other resources. There is an amazing variety of material in this app for you to take advantage of.


Stand to Reason App

Stand to Reason
Website | Android | iPhone

Stand to Reason is the apologetics ministry lead by Greg Koukl. The STR app has several different podcasts from Koukl, Alan Shlemon, and Tim Barnett and also features the blog, a “Quick Thought” section and other helpful resources. These are some great training materials you won’t want to miss.


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